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The Holidays are Here

…and so are we!  Enjoy your holiday travels knowing your pets are in good hands. Drop us a line today to schedule your holiday pet care needs. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Mark Your Calendars

Attention Facebook users: November 30th is the Shelter Pet Project’s Shelter Pet Day online.  To help the event go viral owners of adopted pets are encouraged to share their adoption stories online by posting notes, status updates and/or pictures about their experiences to promote adoption and rescue.  Check out the official Facebook page for more details, and be sure to check back here on November 30th for some stories of our own!

Dog Lessons for People

1.) Enjoy the simple pleasures of a walk  2.) Follow your instincts  3.) Never underestimate the value of a belly rub 4.) Be loyal and faithful  5.) Always drink plenty of water  6.) Some times it is best to just sit close and listen  7.) Be quick to forgive  8.) Avoid biting when a growl will do  9.) Keep digging until you find what you want  10.) Run and play daily  11.) Accept all of lifes treats with gratitude  12.) Life is short, pet often  13.) Love unconditionally…

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Visit PEOPLEpets a web site dedicated to celebrities and their pets.

Super Bull to the Rescue


This image is from and is not the actually bully mentioned in the story

Please take a minute to read this amazing, heart-warming story about a heroic pit bull who came to the defense of a woman and her 2 year-old child.