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Labor Day Dogs

             We wanted to share this article about working animals, honoring the hard working pups out there. We hope you and yours had a great Labor Day weekend!

Image Source: Service Dog House

Update: Dog lost at sea reunited with its owner

In an uplifting update to this earlier post, the dog that had been adrift for three weeks off the coast of Japan has now been reunited with its owner!

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Tsunami dog rescued after 3 weeks at sea

Dog saved after three weeks at sea.

Dog Breeds Rated for Feistiness

I recently found this article in Discovery Channel News about a new study that identified the most and least aggressive common dog breeds. I found it an unbiased resource for breed research.


Pet weather app

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Hello Pet Parents. Download this free app for your computer or hand-held mobile device, from your friends at ASPCA. Enjoy the benefits of the added security you will receive getting up-to-date weather alerts and pet care advice for the love … Continue reading

Marabelle and Lee

Marabelle is a beautiful sweet girl with incredibly green eyes.  I got to meet her the last time I volunteered. She is looking for some love and play and is up for adoption through A Tail at a Time.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Lee, a sweet kitty who had the misfortune of losing his ears to frost bite.  If you’d like to make a donation to help Lee’s recovery or if you’re interested in adopting him please visit

Dog Lessons for People

1.) Enjoy the simple pleasures of a walk  2.) Follow your instincts  3.) Never underestimate the value of a belly rub 4.) Be loyal and faithful  5.) Always drink plenty of water  6.) Some times it is best to just sit close and listen  7.) Be quick to forgive  8.) Avoid biting when a growl will do  9.) Keep digging until you find what you want  10.) Run and play daily  11.) Accept all of lifes treats with gratitude  12.) Life is short, pet often  13.) Love unconditionally…

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