So we were walking down Ditmars last night when I heard a yowling sound. I turned around and saw another gentleman was also compelled to stop. The source was quickly identified as a scared kitty hiding under a truck. After much coaxing the little guy finally came out. We were afraid his cries were indicative of an injury, but it seems he was just cold and scared and yet also incredibly friendly. Jason and I were able to coax him back to our apartment, carrying him over any patches of snow and slush (he did NOT like getting his feet wet).  We set him up in our bathroom for the night and although he has a drippy eye and a cough he’s eating like a pig and drinking plenty of water.  We’re going to get him scanned today to see if he has a microchip, and get him whatever he needs for the eye and cough. We’re fairly certain this is a lost domestic cat, and not a stray.

If you or someone you know is missing a cat, please contact us with a description. He is a neutered male and we think somewhat young, based on his clean, sharp teeth. We’ll confirm this after we take him to the vet. He’s very chatty and likes to head-butt. We’re not posting a photo because this kitty is a certain breed and very handsome, and we want to ensure he returns to his rightful owner, which is why we’re asking to be contacted with a description. (If no one steps up we’ll do everything to find him a safe and loving home…maybe even our own!)

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